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Welcome to our Homepage. In near future this portal will be dedicated to the strategy classic among the railroad board games "Railway-Rivals", which 1984 has received the prestigious German critics award "Spiel des Jahres" (German Title: "Dampfross").

The game was developed by the English teacher David Watts and is excellently suited as a play-by-mail game. Today it is still played, mainly because the transmission of e-mails has simplified many things. 

We hope this fan page will make you want to play a game: Whether as a board game at home with friends face to face or as a play-by-email game with opponents around the world.

Up to the first day of publications (Planned for the 1st of September 2019) you can take part at our games by E-Mail. Send


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Map: Märkischer Kreis (MK)

Map drawn 1996 by Christian Bien

3 players. (1 open) - Deadline rhythm: 2 weeks after report


Map: Cyprus (CY)

Map drawn 1988 by David Watts

3 players. (1 open) - Deadline rhythm: 1 week after report


Map: Pacific North West States USA (PN)

Map drawn 1992 by David Watts

4/5 players. (1/2 open) – Leapfrog - Deadline rhythm: 1 month after report